Shavasana is an Asana, a corporal posture, which is ultimately therapeutic. It holds the purpose of teaching us to relax the muscular tension and slowly our emotions. Thus, in this Asana we learn to let go of all our physical weight and gradually, the emotional as well. The benefits of this posture are countless. By leisurely learning how to let go, our muscles and nerves are becoming passive and relaxed, our state of mind is becoming passive and relaxed. We can all use that. This Asana is inviting us to practice full mental awareness while our body is completely peaceful. With time this insight will accompany us outside of the mat and we will be able to maintain it throughout the day.

In Sanskrit, Shavasana means -corpse posture. It is called that way because the idea behind it is not moving, while our mind and our concentration are alert and attentive to our breath. At first, we will want to move. We will believe that we just want to readjust our body once again and then we will feel comfortable, for example: "I'll just move my left hand a little bit more and then I'll be able to relax" or "Oh, my buttocks are not comfortably supported by the floor". And so we keep on thinking that if we just make one or two adjustments more we will finally reach the optimal relaxed pose. But in fact, mental uneasiness will keep us forever moving and looking for "just the right pose". We will keep on wanting to move and think or imagine. We will look for some source of entertainment. But here we have one big advantage: our body with thousands of impulses, emotions and sensations can be our rescuer.