Self Practice

"The more intense the faith and the effort, the closer the goal"

Many people are afraid of taking the commitment of practicing Yoga on a daily basis. First of all, it is because it will require them to change habits, and since we are creatures of habits, this alone is already very difficult for us. However, let's not forget that we can adapt to new changes pretty quickly as well, so we can also simply choose to replace the "bad" habits with good ones, ones that we'll make us feel better about ourselves. The second reason of being afraid to make time for Yoga may be because sooner or later an inner change will take place. Questions such as: will I like the new changes in me? Will my family and friends like it? Will I be a weirdo talking about energy? These and more can pass through our mind, whether we are aware of it or not. But the truth is that we come to Yoga since we are in one way or another seeking a change, either a physical or an emotional one.

Of course we do not have to expect ourselves to dive right into a daily practice when we just started, we can easily choose to let ourselves slowly fall in love with Yoga; by getting to know its way into our body and heart.