The English section of this website is less elaborates and updated. To see the full version of this web page, please visit the the Spanish section and google-translate it. We are sorry for the inconvenient.

Welcome to the world of BALANCEYOGA


BALANCEYOGA is a discipline that encourages an enthusiastic and curious approach to life. Through dynamic and restorative Yoga postures we explore the limits of our body and access the unlimited possibilities of our mind.

What is our objective?

Besides the obvious benefits of getting in shape through dynamic postures we aim to create awareness of our body and breath. Any change we wish for begins and develops in our consciousness.

What do we offer?

  • Public and regular classes to develop an intimate connection with our body and breath
  • Private and/or small classes of Yoga Therapy, where we pay close attention to the personal needs and abilities of each student. In those classes we work together with the physiotherapist and osteopath: Alex Monastery Urķa.
  • Personalized acupuncture treatments where we guide the flow of vital energy in your body where it is needed most
  • Workshops on specific topics in Yoga philosophy and principles of alignment. The goal is to inspire us to develop our ability to observe and in this way improve our posture.
  • Courses in Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology in collaboration with the institute Columna Sana
  • AEYT-The Spanish Association of Yoga Therapy