What is Yoga?

Yoga is a fine balance between letting things happen and making things happen

Yoga is a practical system of self- knowledge. We practice physical postures synchronized with smooth movement and deep breathing, which grant us stability and comfort within our own body.

Yoga is an Art of uniting the body with the mind. Through dynamic and fluid movements coordinated with silky breathing, we live in the given moment. Living in the present moment gives us great concentration, noble view and therefore joy.
Vivir en el presente, en el momento, nos proporciona mayor concentración, una visión equilibrada de las cosas y, en consecuencia, dicha.

We practice Yoga to increase our energy level. We practice to gain flexibility and strength, both physically and mentally; not by controling, manipulating or "bulling", but rather from an expanded conciousness and a deep loving- kindness towards ourselves and our limitations. And all it takes is simply embracing all there is.

We practice that view by moving and breathing from a profound contact with our ground, which manifests not only by a greater ability to release and letting go but a deep descent into the body. It feels like going back home.

So, more than extending and strengthening our muscles, improving our lungs' capacity, experiencing a greater muscular as well as emotional relief and freedom, and I would even say more than planting seeds of possibilities, we do Yoga simply because we enjoy doing it.

May we all meet our everyday life challenges gracefully with immense love, as we see them as our masters