The classes

I will design an individual program (though you can always bring your friends, your children or maybe your partner), which is especially beneficial to your needs and abilities. The classes can take place at your home if you wish.

The classes are a combination of the softness and fluidity of Hatha Yoga with the intensity and preciseness of the Asanas of Iyengar, together with a lot of attention to the rhythm of breathing, which is our fountain of energy. All classes emphasize correct posture and deep breathing.

I always look at the age and capacity of my students; I always ask whether they have an illness or whether the women are menstruating. This information is crucial not only for the practice and comfort in the class itself, but also as a consequence in Yoga practice in general.

The rhythm and the type of Asanas, Yoga postures, we will practice all depend on which program you wish to do. Whether you chose to practice relaxation or whether you wish to practice dynamic and powerful Asanas, or whether you might want to have a little bit of all, it depends on your personal preference and on your physical condition. However, in order to make sure that you can take full advantage of the Yoga postures, I would bring the Props to the class. The classes are one and a half hour; they always have 5-10 minutes of Shavasana, to complete the session with deep relaxation.


Classes Per Class
(Per Person)
Per Course
(Per Person)
Individual single class 35 €  
Individual course of 8 classes 30 € 240 €
Group single class (2 participants) 25 €  
Group course of 8 classes (2 participants) 20 € 160 €
Group single class (3 participants) 20 €  
Group course of 8 classes (3-5 participants) 15 € 120 €
For more information about public classes please contact me