Best before

Best Before, During and After Class


Please let me know your physical condition before the class begins.
A migraine, menstruation and muscular and/or emotional tension, these conditions influence our practice and we have to take them into consideration and adjust the practice to our needs.


It is recommended practicing on an empty stomach. So it is best not to eat at least for 2 hours before the class. If you really have to eat something, then have something light, such as yogurt or fruit.


Wear loose or form-fitting comfortable clothing. Natural fabrics, like cotton, are preferable, as your skin doesn't breathe well under lycra. This is especially important if you sweat a lot. Yoga pants or shorts are a great idea.

Yoga mat

It is best to practice with your own personal Yoga mat, since you may find that you are very sensitive to smells; so the smell of other people's sweat might bother your concentration. However I can also bring an extra mat to class.


If it is possible to take a quick shower before the class, it will be good, since it refreshes you not only physically but also mentally.


please prepare warm socks, a thin long sleeves sweater and a small blanket to Shavasana.


Please turn off your mobile during the class. It is your own time now. Make sure you can be unavailable for at least one and a half hour; otherwise it might signal an imbalance in your life.

Free mind

Start with an open minded state of mind. We are here to practice, to learn, to try, to play, to fall and stand up again. Every growth is accompanied with pain. When we grew teeth, when we learned to walk- we all cried and fell down. So if it is part of the game, we might as well enjoy it. At first, we might feel uncomfortable with the Asanas and/or with our bodies, but it is only in the beginning phase, with time we will fall in love with Yoga. Let us then be kind and loving towards ourselves. Let us enjoy what we can do Today and leave our worries and fears alone (Oh I’m so weak, I’m so inflexible, and Oh my legs don’t reach the back of my head?). If we stop paying attention to our worries and fears, they will disappear by themselves (or at least they will lower their volume down). Let’s remember that once we start to practice Yoga, it means we have made the decision to take care of ourselves. We are not only interested in becoming slim, strong and flexible, we have made the decision that we wish to practice relaxation and open our heart to ourselves and others. So, there is no Olympic competition we have to attend, in fact we do not need to reach anywhere, we are here simply to listen and to connect with our magnificent body.

"We can rise above our limitations, only once we recognize them"
B.K.S Iyengar