acupunturaAccording to the Oxford dictionary, ENERGY is: ' the power and vitality required to sustain an activity ".
This means that energy is the motor of any activity whether a physical, mental or an emotional one.

Right from the moment we open our eyes in the morning we know the quantity and the quality of our energy for the day. From this moment on we continually register, making a mental note of, our energy level during different times in the day; particularly when there are major energy shifts for example after eating or at night when it is time to go to bed.
Observing our life and our flow of reactions to it, we notice that everything affects us; day, night, cold, heat, movement, stillness, despair and faith. In Acupuncture we relate the time of day, season, type of secretion from the body, feelings, and other physical and emotional aspects in our being with a specific viscera or organ.
Who hasn't gone through an emotionally intense situation which led to migraine, insomnia, digestive disorders or even flu? Thus, although we perceive energy as an invisible force we certainly see and clearly feel its manifestation.

Observing the cycles of nature we notice that we also move according to a specific rhythm. Every part in our body has its own rhythm which is synchronized, at a cellular and energetic level, with the rest of the orchestra.

What happens if an organ is accelerated or insufficiently active?

This is an imbalance. Whatever the imbalance is, surplus or deficit, the organ or tissue suffers. It also affects other tissues and organs that depend on its role to meet theirs.
This vicious cycle can start with something as simple as a dissatisfaction, fear, anger or lack of sleep. These subtle imbalances which we merely feel but might not have the language to describe. They affect our emotional, mental and spiritual layers. A subtle imbalance in time leads to a heavy imbalance.

The pain and diseases begin when the energy stagnates and gets stuck. The wise ones in Acupuncture say: "where there is stagnation, there is pain". Energy has to flow.
In Acupuncture, we direct the therapy to its deepest root and origin - the energy - the body's engine.

It is known that the body has abundant resources and is fully equipped with the ability to self-regulate and balance. In Acupuncture the vital energy is circulated to distinct areas where we know that it will treat specific injuries and diseases.

Acupuncture is particularly beneficial to people suffering from: Anxiety ~ Depression ~ Asthma ~ Manias and Obsessions ~ Hypertension ~ Insomnia ~ Migraine ~ Back Ache (with the help of sucking cups) ~ Irritable Bowl Syndrome ~ Menstrual Disorders~ Etc.