A few points in my Yoga journey

  • Graduated in Audiovisuals, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2001-2006
  • Iyengar Yoga, with Pauline Daniëls, Amsterdam, 2003-2006
  • Hatha Yoga Teacher Training with Yogui Sandeep, India, 4 months in 2004
  • Iyengar Yoga, 300 hours with Usha Devi, India, 6 months 2006
  • Yoga Therapy, with Doug Keller, Zurich, November 2007
  • Pre Teacher Training Course Iyengar, 2007
  • Meditation Vipassana (Open Dharma)
  • Anusara Yoga, Inmersión 1-3, 2008
  • Anusara Yoga, Teacher Training Course, 2009
  • An Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology Course for Yoga therapists, with the physiotherapist and osteropath Álex Monasterio Uría, 2008 - 2009
  • Acupuncture, in the academy Heilpraktiker, 2008- 2010
  • Kinesiology, in the academy  Heilpraktiker, July 2009
  • Yoga Therapy and Anatomy, with the teacher Martin Kirk, Madrid, 50 hours, November, 2009
  • Yoga Therapy, with the teacher Doug Keller, Amsterdam, 18 hours, November, 2009
  • Different workshops in various styles in Yoga
  • Different workshops in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture
  • Teacher Training Course with John Friend, Paris, 30 hours, July 2010
  • Practice Acupuncture in the center Spott, a specialized center in rehabilitation from drugs and alcohol, 2010

My classes are known for precision in alignment of the yoga postures. It is well known that precise alignment not only protects us from injury but also increases our flexibility and strength.

In all my classes, Basic, Advanced or Yoga Therapy, I challenge my students to develop more awareness of their habits and tendencies in their daily posture and breathing. I strongly believe that observation alone can catalyze miracles in changing undesired old habits. After all, everything we have learned, we can unlearn. Anything we wish to master we can learn!

I love to see my students gain greater understanding of proper alignment in yoga postures. It´s encouraging to see how with time they are inspired to incorporate yoga in their daily routine and practice at home. Even more impressive is that they use their yoga practice as a personal guide to improve their sitting or standing postures.

Above all, my personal goal is that my students feel empowered and joyful just by being able to move and breath consciously in an open space, being comfortable with their own bodies.

To me it's a blessing to see my students feel good and at ease with themselves. Their self-esteem and their general mood about themselves and life grow. It´s wonderful to see that when we let our enthusiasm and curiosity guide us, we feel positive and energetic.